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The Last Story Review

March 12, 2012 Leave a comment

The Last Story
Nintendo Wii
Developer: Mistwalker
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Action Role-Playing Game
Release date:JP – January 27th, 2011 US – June 17th, 2012 AU – February 23rd,2012 EU – February 24th, 2012
The Japanese role-playing game genre is in decline, with big guns like Final Fantasy failing to hit the mark. Last year we had Xenoblade Chronicles, it managed to prove to everyone that JRPG’s as a genre can definitely still be done right. Mistwalker’s The Last Story, directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi of Squaresoft fame, is another attempt to show us that the genre is not done for. It was an ambitious project, trying to balance player freedom with story and designing some free-flowing combat and level design to make it work. The game had a lot going against it, mostly because it was on Nintendo’s Wii. Not having a dig at the console by any means, but often these sort of games push consoles to their limits. The question is, doesThe Last Story fall victim to its own ambitions or does it rise to the surface as a success.

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GAME UK in Trouble? Oh Dear…

March 1, 2012 Leave a comment

First they cancelled The Last Story Special Editions that had been pre-ordered with them, then they weren’t going to stock Tekken 3D Prime, then they weren’t going to stock Ubisoft’s PlayStation Vita launch line-up (which they are now doing) and now it looks like they will not be stocking Electronic Arts titles.

Yes, that includes the mighty flagship title from BioWare, Mass Effect 3, so this is going to be quite a hefty loss. Granted it seems that this could be a stance by GAME UK to try and re-coup some of their serious losses lately. EA have been pushing online passes, and there is a chance this could be a way for GAME to try and EA to play the same ball game.since the online passes are a direct attack on the used game market that chalks up most of the retailers profits.

It is uncertain how this will pan out in the long run, but it’ll be interesting to find out. Game companies have been increasingly interested in combating the used game market so we’ll see what happens, I’m just hopeful this doesn’t affect GAME Australia!! (Though they received all of the things that GAME UK didn’t… so I think I’m safe).