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The Last Story – Early Impressions of Mistwalker’s Action RPG

Way back in January 2011 a little game called The Last Story exploded onto Japanese Wii’s and it was met with some pretty high praise. Flash forward just over twelve months and finally the rest of us are getting a chance to take it for a spin. I’ve managed to sink about 7 hours into the game so far (and have reached about Chapter 15) and I have to say… I freakin’ love it.

The game is just a simple sort of pick-up-and-play action RPG, which actually reminded me a lot of the original Kingdom Hearts from way back in the PlayStation 2 era. The controls are simple and it never really throws you into the deep end at any time, as long as you pay enough attention to what it says then you won’t be too lost. There were a couple of moments where I wasn’t quite paying enough attention and found myself a bit lost in a few boss fights (because each boss fight requires different strategies as far as I’ve progressed) and it was introducing me to a new way to increase my defense. Long story short, I missed an instruction and couldn’t figure out what to do… but I got there in end. I’m really enjoying that the boss fights keep me thinking on my feet though, taking control of your team-mates actions and combining attacks to take advantage of certain situations. This isn’t a new feature in RPG games by any means, but it was just a relief for it to feel fresh. It is fun, the ability to freeze time to give commands is a nice touch as well, I’m excited to see what over combinations I’ll get to toy around with later in the game.

Instantly the art style reminds me of classic Final Fantasy adventures, with jagged here, exaggerated weapons, crazy combat and bizarre outfits. The distinct style of a JRPG is covering The Last Story, and so far it has been wearing its heart on its sleeve. It doesn’t make any major attempts to tailor itself to the Western audiences (like I would honestly say both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 did).

So far the plot has been a slow burn, which works well for. The characters have good chemistry and there have been some really nice moments between the main lead, Zael, and the romantic interest, Calista. At the point I’ve reached I can’t say I have any solid predictions as to where the plot is going, because it still feels like early days. I’m very much hooked on finding out where the game is going to take me.

Honestly, The Last Story feels like it really could go the distance. I feel spoiled, honestly… firstly Xenoblade Chronicles and now The Last Story. I should have a review up by sometime next week.

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