Plotting Plot-able Plots

So. I haven’t finished the mighty Duke Nukem yet, but I’m getting close. In fact, I’ve been plotting a couple of new ideas I plan on test running over the next few months. I’ll give both of them a brief outline below:

Gaming Memories

Sounds pretty average, and honestly it probably is. But basically all it will be is a monthly piece in which I’ll recall a moment in gaming that means something more to me than just a game. Whether it is a childhood moment that I’ll never forget or a memory I shared with someone recently, it’ll be me re-visiting moments in gaming that will always have a place in my heart and furthermore who I am as a person. I’ll be going pretty far back for some of these as well, I’m hoping it is fun to write and it showcase just how important gaming is to me as well as how gaming is more than just something that you play, it is about who you play them with and the good memories that you form.

Lazy Video Reviews

Inspired by my internet idol, Toby Turner (and probably other vloggers out there), I plan on recording short video log reviews of games that I complete. It won’t be anything fancy or exciting, hence the lazy title, it’ll just be me talking about a game that I have completed. I figure it’ll be a good way to get my views on a game out faster. I’ll still write my usual word-heavy reviews but this will be a more efficient way to get my views out.

So yeah, expect posts when I get closer to substantiating something.

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