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Now You’re Thinking With Portals

So, unless you’ve been living under some kind of a rock you are probably aware that Portal 2 came out this week. If you were living under a rock… well… surprise!! Portal 2 came out this week!!

If you didn’t play Valve’s original surprise hit, then you probably should find a way. It is available for play on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 so you’ve really got no excuse. Portal 2 is available across the same platforms. Who’d have thunk that?

I was relatively excited for Portal 2 leading up to launch day but for some reason couldn’t quite get myself in the mood for it but after playing the first Portal for a few hours a couple of days before I was back in there. Especially when I reminded myself I had co-op fun to look forward to!! And boy, is the co-op a ton of fun.

The story may disappoint as far as length goes considering that it is a lot more expensive than the previous game, but I feel the increased price was well and truly worth it considering the amount of memorable moments I had from the story. I thoroughly enjoyed Wheatley and the return of GLaDOS, and the puzzles always challenged me just enough but never enough for me to throw my controller across the room in frustration. The game gradually adds in new mechanics as you proceed through it until it finally starts throwing them all in together in the later chambers, I thought it was safe but awesome game design.

The music is great, and so is the writing. There are just lots of little things that help build Portal 2 and make it an unforgettable game. However, a lot of PC gamers have been kicking up a  stink of Valve’s handling of the DLC, the length and the fact that it is a ‘console port to PC’. Personally, I think they need to get over themselves, but if anyone out there wants to educate me on anything in particular I’m missing, feel free to. I’m happy to learn.

Expect a Portal 2 review next week once I try the online co-op with my PC Steam friends.

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