Pokémon, Dragons, Hobbits

So after knocking over Killzone 3 I had two more huge hurdles to leap over. Dragon Age II and Pokémon White. It has been time consuming but both have been overcome (well, Pokémon is still a work in progress really… but I knocked over the Elite Four and am currently working on my National Dex).

Anyway, those are distractions from this blog! I am currently wading through my Dragon Age II review which I am hoping to post by the end of the week. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to a stage where I can happily review Pokémon. I might do it after I get to spend some time playing it on my Nintendo 3DS in a couple of weeks (which I’m terribly excited to be getting my hands on).

However, something else big happened this week. Everything has finally come together and Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films are getting underway. Infinitely excited to see both these films. No movie coming out in the next several years generates as much excitement as these two films will be. Combine that with the fact that I’ll soon enough be able to buy the Extended Editions of the original Lord of the Rings films on beautiful bluray. Exciting times.

Anyway, I’ll write up something more interesting later in the week and will hopefully throw the review up over the weekend.


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