Killzone 3 Impressions

So I’ve put a decent amount of time into the Killzone 3 beta that’s been running for the last week so far and I’ve gotta say that I’m really enjoying it. I came into it with certain expectations after putting a small amount of time into Killzone 2‘s impressive multiplayer, and I’m happy to say that so far Guerilla Games have got my attention.

The demo comes with access to a variety of modes on the Frozen Dam map, as well as an offline Botzone where you can play with up to 15 AI-controlled bots in various modes. Obviously the fun is definitely found online with fellow gamers. I’m also very happy I was able to choose the Australian server and find myself against fellow aussies for some face-shooting action.

The game plays smoothly and runs beautifully (the stage looks pretty outstanding, even when it isn’t in 3D) and the controls are tight (I didn’t really enjoy my test with the Move, I might try it again tomorrow night to see if I do better). It packs all the usual addictive level-up features in that you would expect, thankfully now you don’t start off at that annoying ‘grunt’ rank and can pick whatever class you want and level up whichever class you want on the fly from the get-go. I can definitely see myself picking this up at launch.

So far the funniest moments have either come from when people have suspected me to be an Infiltrator, when I’ve suspected someone of being an Infiltrator or when I’ve been killed by someone who is an Infiltrator. In fact, I think most of my deaths stem from Infiltrators. Thanks Killzone 3, now I don’t even know if I can truly trust my team mates as they could be an enemy disguised as them. Killing one of them certainly is satisfying as well.

Though I’ve heard negative things about the single-player campaign, I’m getting this game for the potential time I’ll pour into the multiplayer until Battlefield 3 is released.

Looking forward to launch, Guerilla Games.


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