Thirty-Eight Hours Work = No Time for Writing

It has been a long time between blogs, and I apologise for that. I’ve been slaving away at a 38 hour contract at a local department store and the night hours are slowly but surely killing my soul. So it has been hard to motivate myself to write anything of any particular value. But today I’ve decided I really need to write something to keep my non-existent following updated.

At the moment I have a review for Fallout: New Vegas (I know, so two months ago) which is nearly finished so hopefully I can pump that out soon. I recently bowled over Goldeneye: 007 so I should hopefully be able to review that sometime soon. I am halfway through Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and have the Keyboard for Rock Band 3 now, so they should both see reviews over Christmas at some point and this week is a big one, with Donkey Kong Country Returns, Super Mario Collection, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and the Sly Cooper Trilogy.

Wow. So many game names dropped. Oh! I also picked up Gran Turismo 5 (I know, me? A driving simulator? Get right out of town)… but you shouldn’t expect a review of that ever, as I like to complete games before I review them. And leveling up to 40 twice as well as having over 1,000 cars means that as a casual driver I probably won’t finish it ever. But who knows.

Until then, pray for my survival. I never thought I’d say this, but stop releasing so many good games!

Peace + love.

PS. I have now had half  a bottle of Apple Schnaps, good life choice!

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