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Metroid: Other M Review

Metroid: Other M
Platforms: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Action / Adventure
Release date: JP – Out now US – Out now EU – Out now AU – Out now

Metroid has been a franchise that Nintendo seems to enjoy taking risks with. They started by handing it over to Retro Studios, entrusting them to revive a franchise which hadn’t seen an installment for a whole console lifespan and would be following up the fan-favouredSuper Metroid. However, as we may recall the gamble paid off for the franchise. After three installments, Retro decided it was time to move on. So, now Nintendo have taken another gamble by handing the development reins over to the radical Team Ninja. They are known for super violent, super difficult and just downright anti-Nintendo varieties of games. So, of course the video game world was eager / very nervous to see how the final result would look. Well, its out. We’ve all played it. Now I’m going to deliver my verdict. A throwback to classic Metroid played only with a horizontal Wii Remote featuring a story-heavy narrative promising to explain Samus’ relationship with Adam Malkovich and give her some character for the first time. This was always going to be a big risk, especially for a non-Nintendo development team.

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