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That Editorial Thing…

Hello, my adoring fans!! (And by that, I am of course referring to you mysterious people who come here to look at my one main [Scrubs] blog post).

Just posting a quick update before I go to bed to continue having insomnia. Tomorrow morning I will be hammering some more nails into my editorial about the respect that gaming has earned and deserves. In which I will be defending and representing several games I never thought I would, like Grand Theft Auto IV. Maybe the apocalypse is coming! I’m thinking of doing in multiple parts, because its going to be too big at this point for a single post. Stay tuned!!

Either way, be gentle on it when it goes up (we’ll say Monday at this point) because it is likely to suck.

Also, before I forget… I started the introduction for my Metroid: Other M review. So hopefully I can get some momentum flowing with that. I’ve got nothing on tomorrow night after work since everyone I usually hang out with is busy. So expect my keyboard to cop a severe flogging.

Oh, and to suck up some more hits… [Scrubs], [Scrubs], [Scrubs] and [Scrubs].

Heh, peace and love all. I know I’m trying.

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