25 Years of Mario

A big happy birthday to my favourite Italian plumber.

Mario has given a lot to the industry that we should be thankful for, and even though he has some harsh critics it definitely should be conceded that he is a character and a franchise to be respected by any gamer. From the original Super Mario Bros. through to Super Mario Galaxy 2 he has been giving us countless hours of pure enjoyment.

Its hard to pinpoint a favourite memory through the various Super Mario titles. I think my favourite title will always be Super Mario Bros. 3, it was one of the first Mario games I played (yes, I know… blasphemy… but I was young back then!!). There was so much that I loved about it, the levels, the Koopa Kids and of course that showdown with Bowser himself. So, thank you to Shigeru Miyamoto and the good people at Nintendo for crafting an experience like Super Mario Bros. 3… and don’t worry, I picked up the first two not long after that (or should I say my parents did, since I was a little kid).

I will never forget that game, and I will never outgrow the simple pleasures that Mario brings to gaming. I also have no doubt he’ll be leading us to the next generation with whatever Nintendo bring to the table with their next platform whether its 3D or something completely different.

We salute you, Super Mario.

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