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Late Review and More


Also, sorry for the lateness of my Metroid: Other M review. It is coming, its just I need to urge myself on to pick up that controller and beat the final, final boss. Not that its hard to do so, I’ve just been distracted by other tasks the last couple of days. However, they have been cleared now so I should be able to make up some lost ground on the review over the weekend.

As well as that, I’m working on an editorial about the respect that video games have worked to deserve and the repercussion of the negative feedback that comes from some of the more “casual” directed games. Not in the sense that the casual games themselves are the problems, its the marketing. For example, Xbox Australia’s presentation of the Natal to a small group of mainstream media outlets. They stated that gaming was no longer for sweaty thirty year old men wearing Metallica shirts.

That’s right. Now, I know it was just a hook to get their attention but is this really how you want to be selling your new product? You have a dedicated audience, and insulting them like this really isn’t the best move to be making. Unless you are really banking on a massive movement of the everygamer’s from Nintendo’s Wii platform to yours… which to be honest I don’t see.

Anyway, I’ll touch on those points and more in it when I get around to finishing it.


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