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Heavy Rain Review

How far would you go for love? Quantic Dream will be asking you this question, and you will be answering. Heavy Rain is the final installment in David Cage’s thriller trilogy and it is by far the greatest. To play Heavy Rain is to experience what adventure games may be evolving into. Beyond that and above all, Heavy Rain is an experience. This game will test your investment in characters, and dare you to care enough about them to take their choices seriously. It will succeed. It relies so heavily on your investment in the characters that if you do not get to a certain point with them, then the game will fail. However, anyone should be able to grasp the characters and there should be enough material for you to get to the point where you are genuinely interested in their choices. Ditching the supernatural pitfalls from Fahrenheit was probably the best choice David Cage could have made, what we are left with is an exciting psychological thriller. The question is: can you find Shaun before the Origami Killer’s plan succeeds? It may be too early to call Heavy Rain Game of the Year but it is not too early to speculate how big of a contender it is.

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