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Venting Some Frustration…

Oh. God. Damn. It. Living in Australia is awesome, except for annoying delays in both film and video games. However, it is incredibly shit if the cinema in your area is run by idiots. I have already seen the film in question, but I was incredibly excited to see it at the movies on the big screen.

In this case, the movie is The Road. Most of you may have heard of it. It is an adaption of a book, and stars Viggo Mortensen. I was incredibly shattered to find out that the tentative date of April 8th for a cinema release has vanished. As a result it now appears that I will not get my chance to watch it on the big screen… but never fear, those of you who like stupid films such as Kick Ass will not be neglected.


It just disappoints me. First the tacky rush of 3D… and now film is back to its rapid descent into abysmal films. At either rate, I hold no interest to support my local cinema at the moment. At least DVD will not be letting me down. On May 28th I’ll be strolling down to my local store and picking up The Road on Bluray. Giving the cinema the big “fuck you” as I stroll past.

I am disappoint.

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