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The Thirteenth Fantasy

It seems weird to imagine that tomorrow is the release of Final Fantasy XIII. Mostly because it is amazing to remember that the 3 or so years ago that I finished Final Fantasy XII feels so long ago. But alas, it isn’t… the gap has just felt like forever as we have known about XIII for so long now. And the added wait after the Japanese release always makes things more difficult, luckily having the soundtrack and a game as awesome as Heavy Rain release before it made the wait a little less painful.

Reports seem to be saying that the game gets really good about 15 hours in. Apparently that is when it actually becomes a much more open world orientated game, which I find comforting. Hopefully getting through that won’t be too bad, saw it mentioned on IGN that there is a moment where I’ll start giving a crap about the characters which is another bonus since they don’t seem very interesting.

As of about 10am tomorrow, I will be sealed up for a few days, hammering through the boring parts of XIII as quickly as possible.

Hopefully all goes well.

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