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PSN Errors Abound

A new month has dawned, already the third of the new decade. Pity it couldn’t have started happier. Around the world Playstation 3’s are starting to experience mass errors.

What is the cause? Sony are currently investigating but popular thought seems to think it may have something to do with March 1st and the fact that there was no February 29th this year. But its hard to tell.

Either way, at this point the crash is a massive inconvenience. My console not connected to the internet has had its internal clock reset, but is still v3.15 and still has all themes, save data and trophy data. However, people who are connected to the net are reporting being booted out of games, and games that do not ship with trophies are getting “TXT_TROPHY_ERROR.”

God speed, Sony. With Heavy Rain recently out, it appears that some people may be waiting on the Origami Killer if they haven’t finished already.

Maybe its time to boot up my Wii?

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