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Chasing the Origami Killer

Quantic Dream’s latest title has hit shelves this week. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited because the truth is I have been excited ever since the audition video they released oh so many years ago. However, it had been quiet and I kind of forgot about it as I was unsure it’d see release any time soon. Having played from start to finish now, I can safely say upon putting the controller down to admire even the credits, I was completely satisfied.

Such a thrilling storyline, from its optimistic introduction to its tied up conclusion I was glued to the screen. The story was so well developed in the game that there were very few times I even cared that I was pressing buttons to progress it. I just wanted to see what the characters would do next. As reviewers have said, if you invest in the characters then you will come to care about them and their choices. And suddenly the game has you where it wants you. It will then proceed to demand of you some difficult choices that either affect your character, or another person. These moments will have you struggling with yourself over what you do. Do you kill this man? Do you make a sacrifice? Do you accuse this person of being the killer?

As you can probably tell already, I am in love with this game. I won’t harp on about it too much though, because reviews exist for this reason. Because of this game I’m finding it hard to get motivated for my BioShock 2 review as I just want to start this one. And pour my experience out into a review, I suppose that is what I’m doing here with this blog. As soon as the credits rolled to a close, I was ready to go again. I resisted though, as what happened is still sinking in.

The characters, the music, the visuals, the story, this game is nearly the complete package. It is let down by some technical faults, such as dodgy audio and a potential game-breaking glitch that can corrupt your save forcing you to start again. Assuming neither of these things happen to you, I can think of no better game to recommend to a PS3 owner. Heavy Rain proves that storytelling in gaming is still evolving, and Quantic Dream is so far leading the way. It is a massive step forward in the direction of mature and for the most part down to earth storylines, closer to a psychological thriller than any game has yet been. David Cage has done a fantastic job, and it is sad to consider that this is likely to the last sort of game like this that he is involved in as he claims it is the end of his “thriller trilogy”, but after Heavy Rain… I’m desperate for more! The game suffers none of the flaws of Fahrenheit and feels like that game existed so that this game would evolve and grow from it into the masterpiece it is now.

What would you do for love? That is what this game is going to ask you. And you will be making choices.

Can you catch the Origami Killer?

  1. JuniormInts
    February 27, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Glad to see you playing a game you enjoyed

    • lemonmanx
      February 28, 2010 at 4:53 am

      What can I say… I know that I have taste d:

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