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Muse – United States of Eurasia

So, Muse fans, thoughts of Muse’s epic treasure hunt leading people across Eurasia? I think it’s fantastic. Wish I could be involved though. But either way, its giving us a very special reward. Piece by piece we are getting (what I think is) the single: “United States of Eurasia”, which is from Muse’s 5th studio album coming out September 14th. What’s the best of this? Well, the best part is that “Uprising” is the first actual single. So by mid next week we could have two of the new Muse songs in our lap. And that would be simply fantastic. So far here at the rumoured lyrics from the teaser that can be found here.

United States of Eurasia (Maybe… it sounds like it)

You and me are the same.
We dont know or care who’s to blame.
But we know that whoever holds the reigns,
Nothing will change, our cause has gone unseen.
And these wars they can’t be won, and these wars, they can’t be won.
And do you want them – to go on?

Why split these states
When there can be only one

And must we do as we’re told? Must we do as we’re told?
You and me fall in line
To be punished for unproven crimes
No one we can trust
Our ancient heroes, they are turning to dust
And these wars they can’t be won

They aren’t official lyrics. Part are from Microcuts, and part are from what I hear.

Get on the hype train, Muse fans. The time is nearing for Resistance

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