Re-visiting: Super Mario Galaxy

So, I finally got around to buying Super Mario Galaxy (yes, I know… two years late). $58AU at Big W’s Toy Sale this week, price matched at EB Games and then a $20AU voucher meant I only paid $38AU for it though. So I’m quite happy with that deal.

But since I’ve been spending more time with it recently, I must say I’m beginning to wish I bought it earlier. Sure, for the most part the game is definitely as easy as I remember it. But at least its fun easy, I have a few minor complaints about it still. Such as the damned camera, which they are still to perfect. I’m crossing my fingers for Galaxy 2.

Anyway, one of the major reasons I’m in love with this game is the fact that I feel like its a learning process. But to the usual extent, you know when a game presents you with a situation and then later in the game you encounter it again with some alterations (maybe in the scenario’s layout or the difficulty) but in Galaxy (and Mario games in general) I feel as though I’m being tested over the span of the games. A few times I found myself going, “Oh, that reminds me of something in Mario 64” or “I did something similar to this in Mario Sunshine.” And I feel that is part of the charm that appeals to me about Mario games. And I love it.

Visually, musically, gameplay, the game impresses on all levels and I never got a chance to truly enjoy it to this degree when I played it a few years ago.

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