E309 – Sony Struts Its Stuff

E3 was going to be big for Sony, a lot saw it as make or break for them and their PS3 console. And how did they do? Well that really depends on who you talk to. They showed off some damn good games and finally revealed their 1:1 Motion Control (which apparently works really, really well).

What they ended up showing wasn’t really new, because most of us already knew about all of it. Whether it be that the game has been talked about for awhile, or whether it be the fact that it had leaked to the public. Where to start off, Sony showed off a fairly large playable example of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on stage for their conference. And as expected, the game is looking as fantastic as ever with some of the most impressive visuals that you’ll ever see on a PS3 game. For those not in the know though, the game is a sequel to the surprise hit Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune which lit up the world’s PS3’s quite awhile ago now. It is being developed by Naughty Dog and is looking very good. Shaping itself into a “must buy” for me.

The other major game they showed off on stage was the heavily anticipated (and also heavily doubted) MAG. Massive Action Game for those of you who missed last years’ E3 where this game was announced. MAG aims to have 256 online in a major FPS set up. And it is looking amazing in my opinion. Obviously it is still very prone to lag, but if they do somehow pull this off it looks great. Your team will be divided into squads as you all either attack or defend. You will all be coming at the central directive from different directions, but pushing towards the centre (at least in the demo they were). Quite frankly, I’m very interested to see what sort of arenas they come up with for this game. Though the visual quality dips at times, I honestly don’t think that’ll be a big deal when there are 256 players going at each other. Its looking like a game I’ll be getting.

The PSP Go (not really a PSP2… more of a DSi sort of redesign) was also officially announced at E3, though most of us knew about it already. It will be a smaller device, with a smaller screen, the screen will slide up to reveal the control pad (analog joystick, buttons, etc) and possibly its biggest feature is the fact that it will not have a UMD slot. Insisting instead upon download games, which is all good and well if you live somewhere that has decent internet, I sadly do not. The price will be $250US (approx AUD$315), which boggles my mind, and will launch later this year. So Sony… you are charging more for a handheld minus the UMD slot forcing downloadable games. Sounds a bit like a DSi move to me (remove GBA slot, introduce SD slot). Sigh, Sony, sigh!

Probably the coolest thing about the PSP Go is the fact that it linked to a new announcement (that again, wasn’t so new) as Hideo Kojima came out onto stage and announced Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PSP Go (and I assume the PSP). This game is apparently a true sequel in the MGS timeline (does this been Rising isn’t?) and will bridge between Portable Ops up to Metal Gear. We will play as Naked Snake (aka Big Boss) and play through more of his backstory. Which I’m looking forward to, in fact, I think this was the game that broke me into the idea of buying a PSP Go. Damn you, Hideo Kojima… damn you.

Then came trailers and trailers and Sony’s “bombshell”, that’s right… it finally happened. Sony has confirmed a 1:1 motion control for release on the PS3 and by the looks of it, it’ll actually be quite good (unlike you, Sixaxis). You can look up various videos of it, but it is looking very accurate and very fun. Apparently it is there with all developers now. So let’s see what sort games come in 2010 shall we.

Trailers. What trailers did they show you ask? Well, there was some more Final Fantasy XIII (looking brilliant as always), and then Square-Enix dropped a bombshell. Final Fantasy XIV Online to be released on PS3, I believe there was mention of exclusivity but either way it’ll probably just be timed.  And after that Team Ico revealed their game officially, The Last Guardian, and it is looking strangely beautiful. Giant cute but intimidating creature, little kid, epic adventures ahoy!! Was so happy to see this game in all its glory at the Sony conference, it is looking like a must have.

And they also played out a demo video for God of War 3 (I believe it was the same one that was playable on the show floor), and it is looking so much fun. All the hacking and slashing goodness of previous God of War games comes to life on PS3. Automatic buy for me!! Even after God of War 2’s disappointing ending. Kratos is back, and I won’t stop him… because he’d slaughter me.

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