E309 – Nintedo Regains Respect

Firstly, I know this has been a bit slow. But you learn to deal, I have been writing up reports for E3 over at WiiLoaded in an attempt to get us some attention. Should be going pretty well actually. Anyway, back to E3.

I think by many, this will be known as Nintendo’s redemption for reasons I will get into. When Cammie first came out onto stage I think a lot of Nintendo fans felt their heart sink. She was part of the reason that last year’s conference sucked so very, very much. But this year things were a bit different, sure she was as boring and annoying as ever. But she announced Nintendo’s first new game: New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Basically this game is a follow up to the hit DS title, and seemingly intends to keep the same visual style. I already hear a lot of gamers rising up saying, “What?! A Wii game that has the visual quality of a DS game?!” and I’ll tell you now to calm down. The game will also feature four player (drop in and out) co-operative play for its side-scrolling action. Now I do believe this is the selling point, and from the demo it looked like a lot of fun. Due out around Christmas 2009 as well, so this was a very good start for Nintendo.

However, what followed was not as inspiring. Reggie came out and bleh, Wii Motion Plus and Wii Sports Resort were talked about (even though we heard all about them last year) and it seemingly made the conference drag on. A lot. But they also slipped in another new announcement, which was already being talked about several months ago. Wii Fit Plus is coming to the Wii, with new mini-games and improved exercise features.

They also gave spotlight for a few games that we already knew about, these included the Conduit, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles and Dead Space Extraction. Nothing too new from these games, Conduit looking like it’ll be as fun as ever. And the two rail-shooters looking like they could have been so much more than ever. Nintendo also gave some time to the DS, and officially announced Golden Sun DS (which exploded the RPG fanbase on the DS with unstorable amounts of awesome) and a release window for Mario & Luigi 3: Bowser’s Inside Story and Kingdom Hearts 352/2 Days. I was so surprised to hear a new Golden Sun was coming, I am a fan of the franchise but I didn’t think Nintendo seemed to concerned about following it up. Sounds like they made a fool of me, but they did so for most of this conference. And I was happy to see Kingdom Hearts on DS, it is looking like one of the most visually breath-taking DS games yet. Not surprising either, the ROM is 200mb in size as well.

After this Iwata came out, and introduced us to the newest Nintendo gimmick: the Wii Vitality Sensor. This is directed towards Nintendo’s casual audience. I assume it’ll be used with a future Wii Fit game (maybe Wii Fit Plus), but definitely something along that line. The device apparently reads your heart rate and various other messages being sent around your body. The only positive I can think of from this is a new horror point-and-click adventure game that could react to your heart rate. Imagine this, if you please, you are in Silent Hill (a town which is noted for reacting towards the person in it) and every time your heart reat increases, the game would trigger something that would scare you more. Forcing you to control your heart rate and push through. However this concept would rely heavily on gamers being scared, which isn’t likely.

Towards the end of the show Nintendo officially announced Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well, and it will apparently contain 90% new content. Which is an exciting prospect, apparently it is going to be similar to Super Mario 64 in terms of gameplay. Whether this means more landscape related environments (instead of tiny planets) or just more classic platformer gameplay is yet to be completely seen. It is slated for 2010 though and I am very excited about it. Note to self: Buy Super Mario Galaxy 1.

And last but not least, Nintendo closed with the biggest surprise yet, one that blew me off my feet and even as I tried to get back up it blew me up again. For the whole minute and fifty seconds of the teaser video I was exploding all over. Metroid: Other M is coming to the Nintendo Wii in 2010. It will not be like Metroid Prime 3, and nor will it be developed by Retro Studios. The reigns have been taken up Team Ninja (of Ninja Gaiden fame) who are now working together with Nintendo to create a game that will bridge Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. And it will seemingly be 3D side-scroller/3rd person action/1st person shooter all at once. I’m so very, very excited for this game.

Nintendo, you won my heart… again…


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