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[Scrubs]: My Finale.

Who’s to say my fantasies won’t come true, just this once?
Jonathan Dorian

So, last week the eighth season of [Scrubs] came to a close. Is it the end of the series though? Not seeming like it, ABC seems very much intent on bringing it back for a Season 9 based around the interns that were introduced in Season 8. I would be okay with this.

But that’s another matter completely, this episode was the finale of JD’s time at Sacred Heart Hospital (and this is fact, regardless of whether not he drops in from time to time in the potential Season 9) and really it gave me every personally I could ever have wanted. I’ve been an avid [Scrubs] viewer since Season 1 debuted, and even followed it to its late night time-slots on Australian television. I won’t say it didn’t have its lowlights, because every TV show and saying it doesn’t just makes you a fanboy or fangirl of said TV show. But as far as near-perfection goes, [Scrubs] was pretty much it for me.

Each character has something about them that makes me love them, whether it be good or bad. But J.D has to be one of my favourite televsion show characters to date. And is so well-acted by Zach Braff, so watching his time at Sacred Heart come to a close was always going to be intense. It was just the 40 minute build-up of the finale I think, though you could tell it was coming from a few episodes prior when it hit you, you were left speechless (at least I was).

And of course the big question of everyone’s lips was how would J.D and Elliot end up, and what did we get? A fantastic fantasy flash forward in true J.D style. And who’s to say it isn’t how it went? J.D has proven himself to be far more mature after what he’s been through over the many years at Sacred Heart so its not entirely hard to be believe that he’d settle down with Elliot and have a family. Especially the way she was talking about leaving her job as soon as she was lucky enough to not need the money anymore. They work so well together, and I especially liked her “I can’t catch my breath” part towards the start, classic Elliot and very funny. Sarah Chalke once again performed fantastically.  Introduced me to the notion of “sneak-moving” as well, which I will now keep my eye on. J.D and Elliot, my favourite Television sitcom couple.

There were just so many little moments, that made me as a man-child much like J.D, appreciate. Like how J.D admitted that he did put that damn penny in the door!! Even though it was an accident, I felt it was very nice. And I also love how Glen Matthews (aka The Janitor) knew, and was testing him. Brilliant. And further improved by their final moment, where J.D offered him friendship and for a moment it was although Glen was considering it but quickly kept moving. I’ve always found Janitor and J.D to have interesting interaction, calling truces and even getting along at times before going straight back to being nemeses.
Side note: I want that penny necklace!!

And who can ignore J.D finally prying Dr. Cox’s true feelings towards him from him via a very sneaky method which I can only imagine doomed poor Sunny to un-imaginable amounts of Hell. And the fact that even though J.D practically takes his hug from Dr. Cox, there is no struggle as usual from Dr. Cox. Even though he’ll never reciprocate the hug, he allowed him too. Even though we do know how much Dr. Cox respects J.D, it was great to hear him put it into words. And I love their “Hugh Jackman” moment when quoting from J.D’s book of quotes he gives Cox so that he doesn’t forget him. Brilliant.
Side-note: I want that book as well!!

The moment he shared with Carla was also nice, and it was nice to hear the ol’ “Bambi” nickname reappear, a nice final moment shared between the two of them as well. I enjoyed how he thanked her for teaching him, because let’s be honest that she was his teacher primarily before Dr. Cox actually really bothered with him. She was there for him a lot when he was intern so it was only right that he thanked for that. It was still a tear-jerker of a good-bye, even though it was less of one than the others.

And of course, who could forget Turk, J.D’s completely heterosexual boyfriend in a totally manly way. The final “Eagle” was fantastic to see, and the fact that he was panicking about having said his goodbye too early.  The idea of matching the intensity of the hugs was funny, especially the “You smell like…” lines. “You smell like regret… let it go…” was my favourite I think. I liked the idea of Turk and J.D running Sacred Heart too, but its not entirely impossible even though J.D has left… he could always return. And though that’d be something for our imagination, I like to think it’d happen.

I can’t even begin to go into all the cameo’s from J’D’s final walk out of the Hospital, but every single one of them made me happy. From Dan’s one line (that he flew there to do might I add) through to “Hooch is crazy.” They were all so good, and I was more than happy to sit there and pick out all the characters from the series and reminscence about all the characters of the past, whether they are alive or dead. And even as J.D turned around to be faced with an empty hallway, feeling slightly cold an uninviting, he knew that it wasn’t healthy to live in the past too long. Especially with the future out there, just waiting to be tackled to the ground.

So much was right about this episode that if I was to sit here and go through everything then I would be rambling for far too long.

Long story short, I loved it. Its my favourite episode, easily up there with the likes of My Old Lady, My Lunch, and My Old Lady. I’m going to be thinking about this episode for a long time. There is a little J.D in all of us, and a lot in me. And I wouldn’t have it any other way, as a character J.D shows us that we can still have fun in life and be a little childish sometimes while still dealing with the responsibilities of being an adult. And that even if we fail, we can make amends and rebuild bridges.

Can’t wait to buy Season 8 on DVD later this year, and then buying it again on Bluray. Why? Because I can, and I won’t even feel bad about it.

Smell ya later, readers!

I guess it’s because we all want to believe that what we do is very important, that people hang on our every word, that they care what we think. The truth is, you should consider yourself lucky if you even occasionally get to make someone – anyone – feel a little better. After that, it’s all about the people that you’ve let into your life.”
Jonathan Dorian

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