Quiet Blog. Busy April.

Sorry for the lack of blogs this month, it turned out to be surprisingly busy April. Lots of work, a fair bit of homework, and just general social activities. But I’m here now, writing this blog. So that’s a good sign… right?

Next week WiiLoaded will celebrate its 3rd birthday!! And anyone who has been around for any of that time should join us in celebrations next week. I’m not quite sure what we have on besides a birthday card contest (which can be located here), but if anyone who reads here has any ideas for activities then let me know and I’ll pass it on. You can also reach me at lemonmanx@wiiloaded.com which is convenient.

So what is coming up? And what has just passed us by?

In April was the much hyped release of Advent Children Complete, I have watched both the English and Japanese dubs and must say I enjoyed them both a lot. Fantastic added scenes that really flesh out certain elements of the film’s plot that were touched upon only lightly. And then there are scenes they added to just make things more awesome, like Sephiroth really kicking Cloud’s spikey butt for a good 20 seconds or so. Not much but when you see what he does, it is a painful 20 seconds for poor Cloud.

And just the other day Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was confirmed to be coming to PSN and XBLA, which is awesome. I can’t wait to pick that bad boy up and play the crap out of it. Mostly because I’ve really stopped playing Street Fighter IV… not quite sure why though. Unfortunate but we persevere.

I also know that I have been lacking reviews. I have written half of my (late) MGS4 one and the first quarter of my (late) Fire Emblem DS one. Unfortunately my homework interrupted here, I couldn’t get into a suitable state of mind to write about something I enjoyed after forcing myself through several boring essays.

Also, Transformers 2 is getting closer! Let the hype machine begin rolling.

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