Resident Evil. The Good. The Bad.

Capcom. Why do you do this? You have released Resident Evil 5 today, I have it in my hands. And it makes me love you. Then you announce your Wii Resident Evil game is a pissy sequel to Umbrella Chronicles. And suddenly I hold great disdain towards you once again.

I must pay you kudos, only a few developers possess the ability to make me swap from one feeling to another so quickly, and you are one of those few. So congratualtions. Now Wii owners can enjoy the watered down, garbage port that is Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop. And in the future look forward to yet another rail shooter, except this one sounds like it could be based soley on either Resident Evil 2 or RE: Degeneration. Congratulations!!

I really feel sorry for Wii owners getting the short end of the stick from Capcom. I can only hope they get their heads out of their arses soon and give you guys some real games. Until then though, just hang in there… or get a PS3 or XB360. Its what I did.

Alright. I’ll be beginning my Resident Evil 5 playthrough this evening. Review will probably go up next weekend.

Should be awesome!!

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