Congratulations, EA.

So we’ve seen 45 seconds of Dead Space: Extraction on Wii. And in an interview we learned that the game will be an on-rail shooter. So let’s all put our hands together, as it sounds as though EA has successfully extracted all of the tension and atmosphere that could have existed in Dead Space Extraction. Some people could be saying, “ZOMG WHY LMX?!” and I’ll answer you quite simply. Does one imagine a rail shooter as being an atmospheric experience? I certainly can’t remember one. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is a good example, that game had no tense moments, no moments where you were feeling engulfed by an eerie, creepy atmosphere. Why? Because you were not in control of your movements, sure there were times when you could deviate left or right. But that isn’t enough. Especially since Dead Space (despite being nowhere near as good as it could have been) on PS3/XB360/PC was a very atmospheric game and really drew the gamer into the horrifying experience. Now we have a on-rail prequel, if they can manage to pull off a remotely similar atmosphere then I’ll be impressed.

But enough of that really, I don’t want to spend my time dwelling on that negative point. Its just yet another game on my “Do Not Buy” list. Which is getting quite long in the Wii section. A shame really, because with so many games apparently coming I thought my Wii would get some playtime. But I may have hoped too much. So far I’m only buying The Conduit, Metroid Prime Wii and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Wii. PS3 and PC have a large amount of games I need to play through and I may even get a 360 this year. Its dirt cheap at the moment anyway.

Street Fighter IV, winner. Pure winner. I’ll have a review up after I’ve finished playing around in it, maybe in a couple of weeks. Want some time to get to know the game intimately. Love it. Resident Evil 5 is really close as well, so is Killzone 2. OH MY GOD! Too many good games. Not enough time.


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