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You’re Out Of Your Vector…

…If you don’t think World Ends With You should have a Wii sequel.

This seemingly one-off game came to the Nintendo DS last year and surprised a lot of people with its visual style, storyline and unique gameplay. And suffice to say, the majority loved it. Now this is an important thing to note because Square was out on a limb here when they put their money on this game. It could have flopped and died, but luckily it didn’t. More people should buy this game if only to support Square stepping out of their safe mansion with a Final Fantasy structure, Dragon Quest wallpaper, and Star Ocean appliances because it doesn’t really happen that often. And when it does happen they usually do it in a safe, and ultimately awful, way (such as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or Dragon Quest Swords).

World Ends With You is a brilliant game and upon hearing in an interview that the developement would not rule out a Wii sequel I was overflowing with excitement. I would love to see how the team would utilise the Wii, and not because I’m a Wii fan but because I’m a WEWY fan.

Some may think that a lot of the times sequels can cheapen games or destroy something the original created, but honestly I would have enough faith in the team to come up with something interesting and compelling, a lot like what the original actually was. There are a few different paths they could take when it comes to putting the sequel together.

Explore the backstory of the Game (and I just lost it)

We are kind of thrown into the thick of things in the original, meeting all these characters and doing all these tasks and simply told we are “Players” in the “Game.” What would be interesting would be to explore the past of this game, maybe by featuring the first actual Players or the events leading up its creation. Square love prequels so this is not an impossibility. Only problem is, explaining everything in some stories can cheapen it and as such they’d have to be careful.

New Players in a new location

It is entirely possible the game isn’t limited to Shibuya, or at the very least, its participants are not limited to Shibuya. They could introduce new Players to a new Game. New team running the game, since a lot of the head honcho’s bit the dust in World Ends With You. So, with new people in power could come new rules, new tasks, new challenges and God knows what else. Either way I think potential is there, and I believe that the team could safely work something out to please new entrants to the game and fans of the original.

It must contain moar Sho Minamoto

This is just something I had to throw in there purely on the basis that Sho Minamoto (aka Pi-Face/ Grim Heaper) is immeasurably awesome and I’d love to see more of him. And though it may seem like a little bit of fan-service to bring him back for a sequel, to be fair he did seem to have something going on the original. He had some sort of plot that we never really saw revealed, because upon his return he was quickly dismissed. But maybe that was part of his plan as well. Because I find it hard to believe that developers went through that effort of bringing him back to have him die again. So was Taboo Noise just one phase of his plan? I’d love to find out!! Provided it didn’t feel forced.

These are only three very dodgy suggestions, purely to put out there that a World Ends With You sequel could end up being amazing. But at the same time its important to emphasize that it mustn’t come across as feeling forced which is usually a big risk with sequels. If it feels forced then it will lose its momentum and just kind of chug along.

A lot of people seem concerned about the discussed move from the DS to the Wii. I think it could be pretty interesting. It would lose the dual screen innovation that caught some of our eyes the first time, so the team would have to develop something new with a sequel, perhaps some form of innovative use of the Wii’s specific capabilities, I’m sure they could figure something out with the Wii-remote. But having said that if they can’t then I would be 100% okay with the sequel returning to the DS. As long as the sequel sees the light of day, then I will be happy.

What the factorial are you waiting for guys!!

  1. February 4, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Whether it’s on Wii or DS I won’t care, I just want more WEWY.
    A DS sequel would be more of the same, which is perfectly fine, but I think they could come with some interesting stuff in a Wii game.

    • Joey
      June 11, 2009 at 5:30 am

      Yeah, TWEWY was awesome, I too loved Tabooty, especially when he says stuff like “Any tree can drop an apple, I’ll drop the freaking moon!”
      The DS would be logical for a sequel, but the WII, would be something entirely new, think of it, making gestures for psychs with the controllers? You’d feel as if playing THE GAME yourself, as the PLAYER.

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