Falling Out.

I recently completed the much hyped Bethesda continuation of a classic franchise, Fallout 3, and the game is quite a solid game. Large landscapes, interesting locations to loot and explore, and decent amount of side-quests. However you start to see the flaws of the game as soon as you touch the main quest, not only is it short but (with extreme good karma, not sure if its different with other levels of karma as I haven’t tried yet) the ending is an utter cop-out. I will avoid spoiling it but really, I guess I expected more, and I’ve been going back and playing more of Fallout and Fallout 2 again and boy are they leagues ahead of Fallout 3 in quality.

Don’t stop playing it by any means, but prepare yourself for an ending that left me going: “Oh, so that’s it?” Now this brings me onto my next point. We’ve all heard of the Fallout 3 DLC of course. The one troubling thing is it is still apparently XB360 and PC exclusive. Which is, to be honest, bullshit. If it was just small stuff like extra quests then I wouldn’t give a crap. But the thing is, the DLC expands the level cap. The level 20 level cap is just utter garbage. I feel cheated for buying Fallout 3 on my PS3 and will probably be trading it in soon to avoid the disappointment of not getting the DLC. If I do want it? Then I might pick up a cheap PC copy down the track but if this is how Bethesda are going to play it then they can forget it. Its just stupid really and unfair to the people who purchased the game on PS3.

However having said all that, I do believe the DLC will come to PS3. But it probably won’t be until Fallout 3 Game fo the Year Edition comes out, and quite frankly fuck waiting for that. Not worth it. We’ll wait, and we’ll see what Bethesda do but if they don’t release it on PS3 then I’m done with them. Especially after the mediocrity of Oblivion.

In happier news, I also purchased Lord of the Rings: Conquest to satisfy my inner LOTR fanboy who has been having withdrawal symptoms since the Special Edition of Return of the King’s soundtrack was released. But this game is successfully satisfying it. Sure the campaign doesn’t seem too long but I’m still having fun cutting down Uruk-hai!

More on that when I’ve finished it. Also, the two new [Scrubs] episodes continued Season 8’s glorious comeback. Hoorah!

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