Their Season 8.

Not game related. Warning absorbed? Okay, good.

So as we all should know (if you don’t know by now then you don’t really know LMX) I am a ridiculously massive fan of the television comedy/drama series [Scrubs]. Why? Because it captures my sort of entertainment perfectly, I love the comedy, I find the jokes great and each character is interesting. Yet I adore how it can casually shift the mood to a more emotional toned one. And for these reasons I’m committed to this show to the very end.

Anyway, I also live in Australia… which is pretty slack with the TV so I have been forced to view the double episode Season 8 opening via other methods. “My Jerks” (s08e01) and “My Last Words” (s08e02) were both fantastic episodes, and interestingly they both showed the two sides of [Scrubs] I loved. The opening episode was a bit more on the comedy side with some touching moments and then the follow up episode was incredibly touching due to the fact JD and Turk were basically talking a man until he finally died. There was no saving him, there was nothing they could do, it was interesting because we have seen in the past that death is something they deal with all the time but they cannot show they are scared of it, because as Turk says: “It’d kick our arse!”

And really, it showed maturity in both doctors. Also, JD’s man-stubble is of great amusement as well.

However, the guessing game is currently on how it will end. I found JD’s early uneager attitude towards the new interns somewhat un-nerving and am willing to currently wager his departure will involve him A) Leaving Sacred Heart for another Hospital or B) Retire from being a Doctor. Both of which I will find incredibly sad.

Anyway, the show still has me hooked as a fan and I can’t wait to watch this possible final season unfold, and yet I do so sadly knowing that if it does end… my favourite show will be gone.

Also, there are gaming posts in the pipeline… so sit tight.

Furthermore: Thank you everyone for 5,000 fantastic hits. Whoever you are who actually reads this blog, you are awesome. So awesome in fact that you may in fact make Neil Patrick Harris himself confess that you awesome.

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