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Apparently Heroes Are Done For.

So recently I acquired a friends Wiimote so that I could sit down and give No More Heroes a play through, now its only early days (as in I’m working up the money to challenge Rank VIII) but so far I’m not impressed.

Obviously its too early to be judging the plot, so I’ll reserve my judgement there and hope that it picks me up and carries me to the end of the game. The fights are getting very repetitive already, I almost find it a chore to slice my way through hordes of enemies mostly because it generally involves going “A, A, A, A, swing Wiimote” and then rinse and repeat. Occasionally I can mix it up with a grab if I really want to… but why bother? However, the bosses seem like they could get interesting. I’m assuming there will be a trend with a clip before and after the fight. So I’m hoping there are some interseting bosses lined up, however I won’t get my hopes up for any Kojima-quality bosses (<3 you Metal Gear Solid).

Visually the game doesn’t impress me, I know its stylistic and cel-shaded for a reason. But even taking that on board I wonder if the game could have been prettier in the cel-shaded department. Wind Waker is far more stylistic and prettier than this game thus far… and NMH is a Wii game. And I’ll say it now: The black smoke really harms the gameplay. I hear people from America saying how fun it is cutting down foes and seeing blood fly everywhere, well you’d be surprised how much less fun it is when there is just black crap shooting everywhere. Makes me feel like what I’m killing isn’t even human. So yawn at that detail, hopefully NMH2 will actually get a bloodier release here.

I like the retro style of the game’s menu’s and such though and think its very cool, as a retro gamer I am a very big fan of it. Travis’ character is one that will either have me laughing or irritated, depending on the dialogue.

Oh, and Santa Destroy is a wasteland. It’s definitely a chore going from one side to another when I can’t really do anything of any interest to the people or cars around the streets. Sounds sadistic I know, but that’s half the reason sandbox games are so much fun. I hope there is a warp feature in the future so I can skip riding my hog from one side of the city to another.

But despite the negative outlook posted here, the game isn’t half bad. There are just a lot of areas it could improve in, more when I finish it next week sometime.

Suda51, impress me.

  1. Selk879
    December 4, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    LOL, the smoke stuff reminds me of the WoW: Burning Crusade thing in Japan where when you die, instead of a corpse, there is a tomb stone.

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