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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Review

Yes, I said I swore off Sonic games after the embarrassment of Sonic and the Secret Rings (what a horrible game) but it was when I heard there was a new Sonic RPG game coming to DS that I started paying attention. Furthermore, when I heard the developers at BioWare were making it, I decided this was a game an exception to the ruling of your typical Sonic game. It was a long wait, but now it’s out and it is completed and left with a rather ambiguous ending. So what did I think of the game? Well, that is what the review is for. But if you want to know what I did think of it right now, the game itself is a simple passable RPG for the DS, nothing too special (Like World Ends With You was) and it’s nothing too bad. It’s just your typical RPG game. And it is a game, which will be overshadowed by already great RPG’s (World Ends With You, Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger to name a few).

So without further delay, let’s dive straight into this review with the meatiest part of the RPG genre, the storyline. Now as Sonic games are generally platforming games, the storyline’s are often less than stellar. But in that genre you don’t need a great storyline to be successful (Hell, look at Mario. He’s been saving the same Princess for 20 years) but in an RPG, it is essential that the story is deep and can suck the gamer in. This begs the question, how have BioWare worked a deep, or at the very least, engaging story into the Sonic franchise. In short, they have done a decent job. They have given Sonic and friends a new life, but the story itself isn’t much to ride home about.

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