4,000 Hits And A Fiery Emblem

ZOMG! Fire Emblem DS released in Japan recently, and I managed to snag a copy. In short, it’s a great experience… even if I can’t understand what they are saying. The menu layout and such is very similar to the general Fire Emblem formula which makes navigation surprisingly easy. Having said that, there is an English patch undergoing development on the internets for the ROM version. When it’s complete I urge any and everyone who needs a Fire Emblem fix to get it. However, those in the group of Fire Emblem fans probably already has a copy and is counting down til the final English patch.

Fire Emblem re-tells the original NES title’s story of Prince Marth, only in DS graphics with new features from the GBA games (some notably absent though). It accomplishes what a Fire Emblem game should seek to achieve, it’s a strategy game with enough difficulty to keep you going (If you’re like me and want everyone in your party to survive the entire game) but features auto-save spots mid-Chapter so that if you *do* get to a frustrating position you can avoid doing entire Chapters again… which is always a welcome change.

Metal Gear Solid 4 still in mind, beautiful game. The review is coming. Just wanted to let you guys know that much. It’ll get here… eventually.

Recently E3 came and gone (If you didn’t notice, which you’d be forgiving for doing) and it was, to say the least, a complete and utter disappointment. No massive news came from it worth mentioning beyond FF-XIII taking the step to multiplatform. But if you haven’t heard about that by now, get out from underneath your rock and say hello to the modern world. In summary:

Nintendo – Continuing down the casual path with titles like Wii Sports Resort and Wii Music. And attempting to keep hardcore gamers with pissy titles like Animal Crossing: City Folk with a half-assed voice chat option. At least The Conduit and Mad World look interesting though.

Microsoft – Trying to make a move on Nintendo’s audience with party games and Mii-like Avatars. Poached FF-XIII from Sony’s exclusive pile, but never really too surprised there. Square Enix like money, Microsoft have a lot of it. Oh and Gears of War 2… snore.

Sony – Bleeding. Badly. Staying alive somehow though, mostly due to the PS2 which is still selling. Resistance 2 coming, big boss battle, eye-candy. MAG, dream game that probably won’t come to be. MGS4 remaining exclusive (win). Oh, and PS2… did I mention that?

Square Enix’s “DKΣ3713” event happened recently as well. For those who aren’t keeping up to speed, the big FF-VII announcement appears to have been an Advent Children: Complete release date for Japan and news that it would come with a 2nd disc containing a FF-XIII demo for PS3. Not huge news, at least not what I’d hoped for. But I’m sure we all knew deep down the FF-VII remake is a bit off yet. Everyone’s favourite evil clown, Kefka, was confirmed for Dissidia but still no sign of Cloud yet. FF-Versus XIII will remain a worldwide PS3 exclusive, which is fantastic news… since I want it more than FF-XIII. Oh, and Agito XIII + 3rd Birthday are going to PSP. Woo.

Anyway, apart from all mentioned above. I’m enjoying my R4, assisting local Les Misérables production, and working/Uni-ing myself to death.

See you next mission,

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