The Weekend of Gaming

Somewhat full weekend coming up.

Got The World Ends With You to finish at some point, I think I’m about halfway… expect a review sometime next week if your lucky. On Friday night I’m going over to my friend’s place to play some GTA4 and see just what all this hype is about… I’ll post my thoughts on the game upon my return on Monday.

And probably the biggest (gets its own paragraph) is I’m probably going to see Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s conference at GAME ON on Sunday afternoon about “What Makes A Good Video Game” so that’s probably going to be awesome. Let’s see if this opinionated critic has as many good ideas as he enjoys shooting them down. Haha.

But seriously, good weekend lined up.

Although I have to fit my Traditional Cosmologies homework in there somewhere… that won’t be fun.

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