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Brawl Fights On, Mario Kart Starts The Engine.

So, it has been nearly a month since I got Brawl.

Am I still playing? Yes. Do I enjoy it more than Melee? No. In that area I’m still unsure, but at the same time its far too early to tell. I had at least 3 or 4 years to grow to love Melee, and Brawl’s time is only just beginning. I’ll get back to you on that in a year or two’s time.

What else has been happening you ask? Mario Kart Wii. That’s what.

I picked it up on the AU launch and I have to admit, its pretty fun. It has the usual depth of gameplay that the other Kart games feature, with items which feel far more broken than ever.

Online is awesome. Seriously, I’d buy this game just for the online. It runs smoothly and is very easy to navigate around. Pick this game up if you adore online madness.

I’ll be posting the review next week or maybe in a few days. See how I go.

Currently I’m trying to beat the frustration of 150cc with CPU’s getting Blue Shells, Red Shells and the sort constantly. Kinda hinders my winning.

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