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Europe Getting Wii Fit Before US, and Possibly Mario Kart Too.

Wow, Nintendo of Europe is DOING something for once. This comes as a shock to me (and no doubt many other PAL gamers) because if this ends up being true:

A) Wii Fit is coming nearly a month ahead of the US date (Who cares really though? Its a casual piece of garbage anyway)


B) Mario Kart Wii would be releasing the day after the Japanese date, which would be amazing.

But you may be wondering why I’m still annoyed? If they can get Wii Fit out in Europe before America then why the HELL can’t they get Brawl out here asap? You’d probably be responding by saying “Wii Fit doesn’t have a massive amount of text or expansive online mode like Brawl” which I would be fair enough in understanding. But then this Mario Kart Wii stuff appears, the DAY AFTER JAPAN… what the Hell? What’s their excuse there then? That game, like Brawl, has a lot of text as well as a massive online mode to maintain.

So what the fuck Nintendo. Where is our Brawl date? You recently dismissed the rumours of the June 6th date as “speculation” well you know what STOPS speculation. An actual release date. So maybe you should try giving one to us so we can get over the hate asap.

You guys seriously annoy me. You can’t do backflips like this, it really isn’t fair on us gamers. And I don’t want to hear anyone lecture me about how I should be happy to be getting Kart early. I don’t want Kart, I want Brawl… the reason I bothered buying a Wii at launch.



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