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F*** You Impatient Fans.

We are like a day and a half away from Brawl’s release. And I’m quite frankly getting sick of impatient fans. It was bought to our attention that there was the possibility of Hong Kong getting a shipment of games and that one of the games may be Brawl. Now obviously we have no idea if this is true. But the threads are just getting spammed to Hell and it makes me hope that it is in fact false. Because posting more isn’t going to make the time come faster. Just sit down, and shut the Hell up. You’re making us patient Smash fans look bad. (examples: BrawlCentral forums and Smashboards… mostly BrawlCentral)

New news on Mario Kart Wii: Snaking confirmed from MKDS. Rofl. And to think people think its cheating. Now embraced by Nintendo. Win. Baby Peach and Boo will be playable, argh. Lameness. Boy am I glad Smash Bros. hasn’t sold out like Mario Kart.

Anyway, anger confirmed for Brawl.

See you next mission.

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