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Wanted: Competence, common sense and decent release schedules. Call: Nintendo.

So following the bombshell of the retards over at Nintendo informing us there are no current plans to release Brawl BEFORE June next year. All of us PAL gamers are left to ponder… why do we continue to support this company seemingly run by 5 year olds? It certainly isn’t because we like Nintendo anymore… it must be because we like their franchises.

I have decided I am one of these people. I no longer like Nintendo, they are finished as far as I’m concerned. And as soon as Mario loses his charm, Zelda stops and Metroid and Smash finish I’m gone. Those four games are the only real reason I’m with Nintendo. I could handle to miss those exclusives if they weren’t there and would happily invest in the superior 360 or PS3 consoles.

This is not just a aimless hate on Nintendo either. They ACTUALLY gave us hope with Super Mario Galaxy, we got it in PAL only two weeks after America. And now we learn we’ll be waiting 4+ months for Brawl? I’m sorry Nintendo but that can only be described in one way: bullshit. You can’t honestly tell us you couldn’t have Brawl prepped for release in PAL less than two weeks after America. Or is your team too busy tossing themselves off to the joy of Reggie to DO their job. Whatever your reason, you’ve lost me. I’m either installing my modchip, or just buying an NTSC Wii. I think I’ll do modchip because its cheaper.

But either way, Nintendo… you’re done.

EDIT: The reason this is so painful is because its only a few days after Nintendo of Australia said that “global releases are important to them”

Yeah-fuckin-right. I’ll believe that when I see it.

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