I saw the light. Or did I?

I caved. I rented the apparent greatest game “Mario Galaxy” and after putting it a good 12 hours and nearly finishing the story I came out entertained and impressed. It definitely makes up for the abomination that is Mario Sunshine and Mario has restored his name.

I will try and post up a full review next weekend as I am sure I can get those last 10 Stars pretty easily. Unless it goes from being easy to uber difficult. But I very much doubt it… its not Nintendo’s style.

Anyway, as it stands I’d give Mario Galaxy a 9/10. Its a very good game, its only let downs are its basic difficulty and its sometimes somewhat annoying camera (I know its good, but sometimes I found it to be shocking)

For the record: Peach > Rosalina.

I returned it a few hours ago and sat down and started a new Metal Gear Solid 2 game. I haven’t played this installment in the MGS series yet and I must say… Raiden is annoying and Pliskin isn’t very well disguised if you have ever played a MGS game before in your life. Lame heroes aside, the villains are very cool. Fortune and Vamp are the two I’ve seen the most of, and Fatman is my least favourite… because he is just a mad man. I’m just hanging out for Ocelot to appear.

See you next mission.

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