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Month of Mario Special – Super Mario 64 Reviewed.

So, we are only weeks away from Mario’s next big game and unless you’ve been living under a rock you have no doubt heard about it. Super Mario Galaxy is promising to be a worthy successor to the awe-inspiring game that is Super Mario 64, which is the game I will be reviewing today. Mario 64 is the game that truly bought the gaming world into the third dimension. It had everything a great 3-D platformer could ask for: a ton of worlds, and plenty of long-lived fun to be had.

When you first popped this baby in your N64, you were greeted with colours and a lot of them at that. The visuals that are featured in Mario 64 are purely groundbreaking for its time. You may look on it now and shrug your shoulders but when you first got the game you have to admit you were blown away. From the aquatic environment of Wet Dry World to the dark and moody environment of Bowser in the Dark World, each area presented a unique style that really amazed my eyes. In it’s day there was really no competition that could beat what Mario 64 had done visually, it gave us everything we wanted from a game. As soon as you start the game you are treated to a wide open yard in front of Princess Peach’s massive castle, whom Mario has of course come to visit… no doubt because of the promise of cake. And upon arriving you find out the one and only Bowser has taken Peach hostage and scattered 120 Stars throughout its rooms, turning worlds in paintings that Mario must leap headfirst into and explore.

Read the full review here.

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