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WiiKey Remains Uninstalled, But LMX Regains SSBM Skill.

Its true, I’ve yet to install my Wiikey chip. Mostly because I’m still nervous about the whole Wii Crashing thing. If I were to brick my Wii, I’d be Wii-less. There is no way I could afford a new Wii til next year. And that’s a risk that REALLY isn’t worth it. But at the same time, I just want to freakin’ play Metroid Prime 3. Oh, what a world. What a world!

Of course, aside from my Wiikey woes after a weekend of SSBM related fun I’m proud to state that I’ve regained my second position in my local crew.

I was once bested by two comrades, the second of which always resulted in very close matches with very little actually in them. However over the weekend I toweled him into the ground, mostly because my diverse selection of characters has simply become too much for him to combat with just his Link (He is stubborn and refuses to use other characters)

The crew still needs a bit more training before they are ready to stand up to the challenges that await us in the Reloaded Tournament next January but I remain confident I can whip them into shape.

Hopefully soon I’ll gather courage to install my Wiikey… so that way when Joker asks me next “Have you installed it yet?” I will actually be able to reply with a yes.

I’m buying a Wii Points Card tomorrow to buy Metroid 1 for the NES on the VC. Not for any real reason besides the fact that its the game that spawned my favourite franchise.

See you next mission.

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