Samus delayed more than when she had to backtrack to Brinstar…

So, as all you lucky Americans are no doubt aware Metroid Prime 3 is just around the corner (If you don’t know about it then I hate you).

Now, as a PAL gamer I am well aware that we often get the rough end of the stick in terms of game release dates. And I’ve been somewhat tolerant of that, however the latest release dates for some games I’m seeing released (Namely Nintendo) are really quite ridiculous. I’m speaking mostly of the game I want most for the Nintendo Wii, Metroid Prime 3. Now, this game is due for release on August 28th for you NTSCer’s but does PAL have a date? Well, the UK does and that is late October. That is a disgusting two month wait. Right now you’re probably saying “OMG GIVE NINTENDO A BREAK” but when you observe the releases for the last two Metroid Prime games you might join me.

Metroid Prime 1
US – 17th November, 2002
JP – 28th February, 2003
EU – 21st March, 2003

Pretty big gap, hey? But bigger than Metroid Prime 3’s is. So now you’re probably wondering why I’m using these two games as an argument? Well, let’s take a look at Metroid Prime 2’s release dates.

Metroid Prime 2
US – 15th November, 2004
JP – 26th May, 2005
EU – 26 November, 2004
AU – 2nd December, 2004

So Nintendo took a MASSIVE positive step forward in the transition from Metroid Prime to Echoes, by releasing the game in 3 of the world’s regions in the space of 3 or so weeks (with the exception of Japan, but hey… Metroid isn’t that big over there) and now with MP3 we are back to a 3 month wait? I mean, what the hell is with that?

What is Retro doing? Sitting on their hands and messing around, they had the man power to get the game out in 3 weeks for Echoes, but for Corruption they are slacking off.

Unless they are doing this so America gets it clear ahead the rest of the world which is bullshit. Either way, one of the two companies is not doing the best they can and quite frankly it disappoints me. Don’t even get me started on Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros.

Super Mario Sunshine
US – 25th August, 2002
JP – 19th July, 2002
EU – 4th October, 2002
AU – October, 2002

Super Smash Bros. Melee
US – 2nd December, 2001
JP – 21st November, 2001
EU – 24th May, 2002
AU – 31st May, 2002

So PAL gamers, let’s not get our hopes up for good release dates for Galaxy and Brawl. I assume Nintendo will fail us gamers again and get them to us when they are done with every other region.

Lucky us.

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